Two announcements from APPE

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics today announced via email two special events for the upcoming annual conference:

  • Ethics Center Directors Summit (March 1)
  • APPE STEM Special Interest Group Panel (March 2)

More information can be found below and the APPE Web site.

Ethics Center Directors Summit
Thursday, March 1st

The 2018 Ethics Center Directors Summit will be held in conjunction with the Twenty-seventh Annual Conference of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. The Summit will be in two parts:

Navigating Change and Maintaining Momentum (9:00 am to 12:00 noon)

This session will focus on the challenges and opportunities that an ethics center faces when undergoing change. Change often presents outside parties with an opportunity to re-envision the purpose of a center (for better or worse). It also can sometimes result in a shift in momentum. This session will be a conversation on how to navigate through that change and maintain momentum.

Sustaining a Community of Engagement (1:15 pm to 3:30 pm)

This session is a natural extension of the first. When thinking about navigating change and sustaining moment, it helps to be recognized as a fixture of the community, as something the community cannot do without. It makes it easier to sustain administrative support, but also yields interesting grant opportunities. This session will focus on developing programs to sustain a community of engagement. It will also include discussion on how to capitalize on that to fund programming. Each panelist will have some successful projects to discuss, but most of the time will be devoted to having a group conversation.

APPE STEM Special Interest Group Panel
Friday, March 2nd

Join us for our panel, “A Conversation with Practicing Engineers about Cases and Challenges in Professional Responsibility.”

Co-chairs of the APPE STEM SIS have asked a panel of local engineers to talk about ethics during the APPE Conference on March 2, Friday afternoon, in the last session of that day.

We solicited suggestions for panelists from several members of the STEM SIS, and we reached out to a variety of engineers who would make interesting panelists. The academics and practitioners who normally attend APPE have a genuine interest in applied ethics, and it is helpful when they can hear from engineers who have a range of experience with ethical issues during the course of their career.

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