APPE Chooses the Prindle Institute at DePauw as New Host

Prindle Institute New Home for APPE!

I received this announcement today via email from the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. – Ken

Sarah Pfatteicher of APPE and Andrew Cullison of the Prindle Institute at DePauw University have a toast
Sarah Pfatteicher of APPE and Andrew Cullison of the Prindle Institute at DePauw University.

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics is happy to announce The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University as its new host institution.

DePauw University is a nationally recognized liberal arts University in Greencastle, Indiana and prides itself on “more than 175 years of creating an atmosphere of intellectual challenge and social engagement that prepares their students for lifelong learning.”

The entrance to the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw
The entrance to the Prindle Institute

The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics serves the DePauw students and the community with continuing the DePauw legacy of “helping people to think critically and to act creatively about how we – as individuals, as an institution, as a society, and as a world – ought to live today.”

Sarah Pfatteicher, chair of the APPE Executive Board, made the announcement at the opening reception of the 2017 APPE International Conference in Dallas, Texas, last month.  During a champagne toast, Pffateicher announced that the Association had reached an agreement in principle to move their headquarters to the Prindle Institute at DePauw University effective July 1, 2017.

“I’m thrilled about this collaborative partnership,” said Andrew Cullison, director of the Prindle Institute. “Having the APPE headquartered at Prindle is going to enrich all of our core program areas. Our online media, campus events, education and research initiatives, and community engagement projects will all be strengthened by APPE’s presence.”

Pfatteicher says the APPE Executive Board was “particularly drawn to Andy’s infectious enthusiasm and his forward-thinking vision for our partnership. The array of social media activities he has initiated at Prindle are excellent fits for an association seeking to attract a new generation of scholars as we enter our second quarter century as an association.”

The Association began its search for a new home late in the summer of 2016 with an announcement for a Request for Proposals from potential new host institutions.  We received nine proposals from institutions across the United States.

“In addition to a strong financial partnership, we were looking for close alignment of mission, a record of engagement with APPE, evidence of ongoing commitment by campus leaders, and an energetic and visionary director with whom to partner,”  Pfatteicher said, “At DePauw we found all of those things in spades.”

“Our missions are so closely aligned they are practically identical and we share similar visions for how to execute those missions,” Cullison said, “This collaborative partnership benefits both of us equally and we’re going to help each other get to the next level.”

The entrance to the Prindle Institute
The entrance to the Prindle Institute

We are already in the planning stages of transitioning the Association to DePauw and hope to be completely moved in by late June.  Our plan is for this to be a seamless transition for our membership.

“It’s going to be wonderful to have that team, with that kind of energy and vision right down the hall,” Cullison said. “I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Prindle, APPE, and the entire field of practical and professional ethics.”

We will release information regarding changes in contact information, website, payment processes and address as we finalize these items.  All current information is still valid and questions can be emailed to the APPE Office at

We look forward to serving our members and the international community of ethics from our new home at the Janet Prindle Institute of Ethics!

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