Update: Fostering Integrity in Research

Brian C. Martinson sent me a link to a score or more of comment or news items; see Media Coverage: Fostering Integrity in Research. I won’t be updating this post again.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report, Fostering Integrity in Research, has gotten some press.

  • ScienceInsider “U.S. report calls for research integrity board” by Jeffrey Mervis (Apr 11 2017 2:15 PM)*
  • National Public Radio “Top Scientists Revamp Standards To Foster Integrity In Research” by Richard Harris (Apr 11 2017 4:21 PM ET)*
  • MedPage Today “Scientific Research Needs Better Oversight, Report Says” by Joyce Frieden (Apr 11 2017)**
  • Bloomberg “Preventing Research Abuse Will Require Systemic Changes” by Jeannie Baumann (Apr 12 2017)
  • Healio “Report: ‘Deliberate steps’ required to preserve, foster integrity in scientific research” by Kristie L. Kahl (Apr 12 2017)**
  • The Scientist “National Academies Issue Advice to Improve Research Practices” by Kerry Grens (Apr 12 2017)
  • Xinhua News Agency “U.S. panel calls for new advisory board to strengthen research integrity” (Apr 12 2017)
  • Science Editorial: “Research integrity revisited” by Marcia McNutt and Robert M. Nerem (Apr 14 2017)
  • Science “U.S. report calls for research integrity board” by Jeffrey Mervis (Apr 14 2017)
  • C&EN “Protecting Scientific Integrity Requires Effort by the Entire Research System, Report Says” by Celia Henry Arnaud (Apr 17 2017)**
  • BioWorld “NAS highlights lack of reproducibility, seeks to strengthen integrity” by Nuala Moran (no date)**

* Thanks to Jason Borenstein.

** Thanks to Brian Martinson.

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