Applied Epistemology Research Retreat and Workshop

CFP: Workshop/Research Retreat on Applied Epistemology at the Prindle Institute for Ethics

Applied philosophy examines the questions that are most central and relevant to the ways that we live our lives. Many of these questions are epistemic in nature, since questions about what can be known, understood, and reasonably believed, and questions about how we ought to understand the world around us relate directly to our lives. Applied epistemology marks a natural intersection between epistemology and ethics, both because our epistemic activities and beliefs are important determinants of our actions, and because our epistemic agency itself is a central part of our personhood.

Possible topics include:

  • Epistemic injustice and oppression
  • Epistemic responsibility: Are we liable for our beliefs? How do we become responsible inquirers and epistemic agents? Do we have epistemic duties?
  • What is the current resonance of concepts like ‘alternative facts,’ ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth’ doing to our epistemic lives and agency?
  • Testimony
  • Epistemology & social media
  • Epistemic Situationism

During the first seven days of the retreat, participants will workshop a paper in applied epistemology. Papers can be at any stage of the writing process. Our seven-day retreat will allow time for extended and engaged feedback exchanges. Participants will have private time and space to write at the Prindle Institute and the beautiful nature park that surrounds it.

Travel and Honorariums

We’ll also enjoy meals and social events together. Prindle will cover the cost of travel and accommodation as well as a modest honorarium for participants.

Programming will run from June 17-23. Participants will be given the option of staying a few extra days beyond the 23rd.

Application deadline: April 15th. Acceptance notification: April 30th. To apply, visit:

Contact Emily McWilliams ( with questions about the retreat.

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